Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

Spectacular Views and a Challenging Golf Course – Cinnamon Hill

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course is a beautiful course outside Montego Bay, Jamaica. The course has both beautiful coastline views and tropical mountain scenery. The challenging well maintained course you are sure to enjoy. The course offers views into the past of the Rose Hall plantation’s history. The beautiful scenery also drew the attention of famous movie producers and musicians.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica is located on the northwest coastline of the island. It’s about a 3 hours plane ride from Charlotte NC (CLT) to Montego Bay (MBJ). Flight tickets range from about $400 – $500 per person, round trip.

Montego Bay’s history dates back 300 years to the days of Columbus. A destination for trade, business, and now leisure travel. The island is home to many resort brands like Hyatt, RIU Hotels, Iberostar, and Sandals. Sandel’s headquarters is located in Montego Bay.

A few resorts you may not know are located in Montego Bay. If your wallets are deep, book a night at Ralph Laurens resort, Round Hill Hotel & Villas. Or, book a villa (more like a mansion) at The Tryall Club.

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

The Cinnamon Hill Golf Course is part of the Rose Hall plantation property. The course is one of the two courses on the property. The other course is called the White Witch, which I played as well during my trip.

The beautiful course has beautiful coastal and mountain views. As you play you’ll see remnants of the history of the plantation. You can still see aqueducts and water wheels used when the plantation grew sugar cane.

To get to the course, just ask your concierge about playing the golf course. Most of the time resorts get special rates for their guests. The best deal is to play in the afternoon/evening. I played there and it cost about $70. The price covers green fees and rentals. I think they may still offer some deals at the clubhouse if you combine golf with a polo shirt. Ask when you get there.

One thing they do at the course is you must be accompanied by a caddie. They offer good tips on lines and clubs. Remember to bring some cash to tip them.

The History of Cinnamon Hill and Johnny Cash

The plantation at Cinnamon Hill is steeped in history, mostly regarding Rose Hall and what happened there. The fact that it was once a sprawling sugar cane plantation is evident in the layout of the grounds; long rows of neatly trimmed hedges and tall stalks of cane reaching for the sky. But all that remains now are the ruins of the great house that stood at the center of it all. It was here that Annie Palmer, the infamous “White Witch of Rose Hall”, lived and murdered her three husbands. It was also here that she met her end, killed by a slave rebellion led by Takoo, one of her victims. Today, visitors to Cinnamon Hill can explore the ruins of the house and learn about its dark history. You can see now why they named the other course the White Witch.

Lust, money, and revenge. You know the story. Some other notable historic moments do not end in violence at Cinnamon Hill.

James Bond Movie Scene

If you’re a fan of the James Bond franchise, then you know that the films are known for their stunning locations. From the beaches of Jamaica to the casinos of Monte Carlo, Bond has globe-trotted his way into our hearts. And while many of the locations are fictional, there are some that are very real. Take, for example, the scene from Live and Let Die where Bond runs into Baron Samedi in a graveyard. This scene was actually filmed on location at the Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, England. And if you’re lucky enough to visit the club, you can even see the exact spot where the scene was filmed. So next time you watch a James Bond film, keep an eye out for real-world locations that you might just be able to visit yourself.

Here’s a look at the scene.

Home of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was a country music legend, and for 30 years, he called a 1734-built home on the golf course his own. The musician and his wife June Carter loved their scenic property, and it became well-known in the musical community. After Cash’s death, the home was sold, but it remains a popular tourist destination for fans of the singer. Visitors can take tours of the house and grounds, and imagine what it was like for Cash to live in such a beautiful setting. Even though he is no longer with us, Johnny Cash’s legacy continues to live on through his music and this historic property.

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course (Rose Hall)
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