Port Antonio_ Jamaica’s Greatest-Kept Secret

Jamaica is recognized right now for several of its beaches and resort towns like Montego Bay and Kingston, but the island’s quite very first vacation location is truly Port Antonio.

This trip spot was recognized in the 19th century as the banana capital of the world, becoming a significant port of the Jamaican banana trade. In the 20th century, a quantity of wealthy and renowned Hollywood stars discovered and fell in really like with the seaside town’s quiet charm and majestic beauty. Drawn in by the secluded and serene quality of the region, some of the celebrities who came to Port Antonio at the time even decided to construct their personal villas there. Therefore, this getaway spot was then the ideal-kept secret Jamaican getaway of the wealthy and popular from Hollywood.

Nowadays, Port Antonio is still a ideal location for vacationers who want to skip the route of the urbanized and bustling Jamaican resort towns and discover a actually relaxed holiday expertise. It is a single of the most accessible destinations in Jamaica, since almost each place in the town appropriate is inside walking or bicycling distance. Its hotels are also commended for their nature-friendly ecotourism practices, in keeping with the whole area’s effort to achieve environmental sustainability.

The Blue Lagoon is 1 of the most popular attractions in Port Antonio. The water’s remarkable color is a outcome of its 200-foot depth. Other amazing sights contain the hidden beaches of Frenchman’s Cove and San San, where adventurous vacationers can get pleasure from snorkeling, surfing, and even deep sea fishing.

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