Best Beaches of Santa Cruz County’s

Beaches of Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County’s finest beaches are found along its sixty-mile stretch of coast, with twenty-nine miles protected as public access. There are several names for the same beach, so it might be tough to distinguish them. Locals can assist in…

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Montego Bay Travel Guide

Montego Bay

For a long time, Montego Bay Jamaica has been one of the Caribbean’s top holiday hotspots. From the early 1900s, American tourists traveled here on old steamships that were used to transport bananas. On the island’s northwestern edge, this charming…

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Baby Boomers Set Out on the Road

Baby Boomers

Would you believe that there are now 76 million baby boomers in the workforce? It’s true, but pessimistic opinions hold that most will be compelled to work full-time well into their 70s. Don’t you think so? Of course, the economy…

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Aruba: A Trip and Travel Experience with the Dutch


Aruba offers vacationers a one-of-a-kind experience, just as the island does! Aruba is your paradise if you envision powder-white beaches and crystal blue seas. This enchanted island of unique landscapes, kind people, sultry winds, and tropical rhythms is a lovely…

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