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Baby Boomers Set Out on the Road

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Would you believe that there are now 76 million baby boomers in the workforce? It’s true, but pessimistic opinions hold that most will be compelled to work full-time well into their 70s. Don’t you think so? Of course, the economy has had an adverse impact on everyone, and some baby boomers will have to continue working. However, according to Dell Webb, around half of the boomers will be able to spend retirement funds on some major travel. According to White’s co-author, Carol Live Your Road Trip Dream, there will be a growing demand for travel of all types.

Know More About Baby Boomers

Boomers are the wealthiest demographic in the United States, with 44 percent earning more than $75,000 per year. Already, they contribute more travel to the US than any other age group and see travel as their top retirement expenditure. They have already made over 241 million house journeys this year, according to records filed last year. Some trips are business-related, but it demonstrates their creativity yet again. They also spend more on each journey than any other group (average $491 per trip). Many individuals wish to go overseas, but they must also prepare for domestic travel: they have the most RVs of any other category.

According to anecdotal evidence, boomers’ aspirations of travel are becoming a reality. More and more people are taking to the highways of North America and south of the border. Some are even prepared to give up everything in order to live on the road for a while. Some people are “road trip dreaming” of trips they’ve longed to go on for decades.

Where Baby Boomers Need to Travel?

Where are baby boomers going to travel internationally? Asia is likely the top choice. Japan, China, and Hong Kong are intriguing, and many people are discovering Thailand’s charms and cheap pleasures. The top ten countries are Australia, Europe, and Brazil. Last year’s travel to Japan and Hong Kong, in particular, was up by 40%. Shopping, outdoor activities, attractions, spa rejuvenation treatments, cultural events/museums, and beaches/national parks are among the attractive pastimes available. So don’t dismiss the boomer’s goodbye. They will be back in full force during the next several decades, demonstrating their might once more and, like previous eras, significantly influencing the Western paradigm of life.

Seat belts, please fasten. The world is about to go wild for another Boomer adventure.  

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