Shopping in Playa Del Carmen

Shopping On Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Did you know that Fifth Avenue has “discounted prices” for goods?

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico’s downtown area, shopping on Fifth Avenue is a “must do.” Spend at least a day (at least) window-shopping on Fifth Street. There are several distinct types of stores to select from. Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves perfume? Perhaps some leather goods would be nice? Do you need a few things from your local pharmacy? Make a list of everything you want before going on the trip. Negotiate for all your favorite things, such as t-shirts, Mayan jewelry, sundresses, silver jewelry, cigars, silver Mayan statutes, decorated pottery, Mexican rugs, baskets, handmade hammocks, and crocheted tablecloths.

Do you desire high-quality jewelry such as gold, tanzanite, ruby, or emerald? They provide it and at a fantastic price. This is the ideal location to acquire some really great jewelry for women…. especially because it’s in fashion now. It will be available for 1/4 the price you would pay in the United States, and you’ll be able to afford those pieces with Malaci, Lapis, and other expensive stones. Even finer jewelry stores are a steal, and those goods are guaranteed. Their prices will be lower than that of the local jeweler. If your item breaks or needs to be repaired, they’ll fix it for you. They provide websites with addresses and instructions for many locations. Some of these more high-end jewelry stores even allow you to trade up or trade-in your valuables.

Leather is also a good investment in New York City. Pick up those leather handbags, backpacks, and anything else you like. On Fifth Avenue, you’ll find everything your heart desires…and at extremely low costs! Have I said that? The USD is usually worth $1.25 in Playa, so go ahead and spend! Are you concerned about having to carry a lot of cash around? Then don’t worry anymore; most businesses and vendors accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You’re looking for a hotel that accepts credit cards. Not everyone accepts American Express or Discover, so stick to Visa or Mastercard. In Playa del Carmen, you’ll get a better price on goods than in Cancun by at least 25%. Remember… negotiate!

Fifth Avenida offers much more than shopping, there are numerous restaurants, eateries, nightclubs, and just a cool place to hang out at. Stop and talk to the locals. They are happy to chat with you.

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