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The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a Playa Del Carmen House in Playacar

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The first gated community in the Playa del Carmen region, Playacar is located just adjacent to downtown. This mix of features makes it one of the most popular choices for a Playa del Carmen house that is safe, peaceful, and pleasant while also being close to all of downtown’s tourism attractions. The following are the top 10 reasons to buy a home in Playa de Carmen.

Safe, Gated Community

There are only three entryways to Playa del Inglés, all of which are gated and guarded at all times. Aside from general safety, this also implies that there is little traffic because residents and workers only enter – not through traffic.

Tree Lined Roads

The quiet forest roads wind through the hills, lined with huge trees that provide shade and make for wonderful excursions.

Bike Trails and Green Areas

The entire main loop is bordered by a bike path that makes it simple and safe to enjoy a bike ride on the shady lanes. Green areas, wildlife refuges, and Mayan ruins are all great places to stop, gaze around, and unwind.

Pools and Big Yards

This community is located on the coast of Mexico and has a wide range of homes, including luxury villas. The majority of these properties have big, well-kept lawns and, if not a private pool, a shared pool in a villa complex. Because of the high degree of safety, children may play in the yard.

Large Expat Community

There are about 12,000 American expatriates in the area, as well as Canadians and Europeans. One of the primary gathering places for this community is Playa del Carmen. Residents may easily get to know neighbors from back home since it is easy to access Playacar.

Walk to Shopping and Dining

A residence near the entrance on the northwest side will be close to Fifth Avenue, Playa del Carmen’s tourist pedestrian walkway, which has a variety of businesses, dining choices, and vibrant nightlife. Even further plazas and shopping are accessible in town.

Walk to the Beach

One of the most lovely beaches on Earth, which was the initial and still primary incentive to live in Playa del Carmen, is found a few blocks west of Fifth Avenue.

Golf Course in Your Back Yard

If you don’t live on the golf course, it will only take a few minutes to walk there. The community was built around the golf course to ensure quick access from every direction.

Nearby Mall

If you live near the west entrance to Playa del Carmen, you’ll be able to walk to a new mall with a big supermarket, a club store (like Costco), English films, and more. It will only take you 5 minutes if you don’t reside here.

International Quality School and Hospital

There is a bilingual school in Playacar, which is one of the finest in Playa del Carmen. You may rest confident that your children are receiving a superior education while still being safe within your community at home. There is also a new international hospital with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service located just outside the west entrance of the mall.

Playacar is a lovely getaway, especially if you’re into diving or fishing. You’ll probably discover a lot of new reasons to buy a house here.

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