Durban Beaches

Durban Beaches – World Famous Golden Mile

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The city of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is well-known for its ideal year-round weather and excellent seaside resorts. The Golden Mile in Durban beaches is home to stunning surf sites that are visited by many tourists each year.

The Bay of Plenty, North, and Dairy Beach are all located at the beginning of the Golden Mile. The world-famous Mr. Price Pro Surf Competition takes place on North Beach, which is visited by professional surfers from around the globe. The view of the city’s magnificent skyline from this vantage point is breathtaking, and if you’re early enough, you may be visited by a school of inquisitive dolphins! North Beach is ideal for surfing as well as bodyboarding, kite surfing, paddle skiing, and skateboarding. Skateboarding facilities are available in North Beach. North Beach, which is protected by shark nets and guarded by lifeguards, is a popular beach with locals and tourists alike. Also, many restaurants may be found there – Joe Kools and sit at an upstairs table looking out over the promenade are two of them.

Ushaka Marine World, located south of North Beach, and Wet ‘n Wild Adventure Park, which is north of the pier in front of Ushaka, are two fun attractions. A beautiful beach where you may surf and bodyboard lies to the north of the pier in front of Ushaka. Get there early in the morning and hire a kayak when the water is still quite calm, or take a kayaking trip with one of the businesses that operate from the beach. It’s also possible to participate in scuba diving lessons with Calypso Diving and Adventure Centre, which are PADI certified.

Vetchies Reef is located to the south of Ushaka on the pier in front of it. Vetchies Reef is a man-made reef that you may explore for some wonderful sea life while snorkeling in safe and tranquil water. You may also scuba dive from the beach, and Durban’s local diving clubs conduct regular dives.

South of Vetchies Pier is Addington Beach, which is a huge stretch of beach suited for surfing and paddling on the shore break. It’s safe for both the young and old because it’s protected by shark nets and lifeguards, just like North Beach and Ushaka’s beach.

Durban’s beachfront is currently being redeveloped, with millions of dollars having been invested in the project. The promenade will soon be able to compete with the world’s most famous beaches.

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