Xcaret Eco Park

Xcaret Eco Park to Visit in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Photo Credit Unsplash: ricardo_braham

Xcaret Eco Park is a privately owned ecological theme park, resort, and ecotourism project in the Riviera Maya. It is about 47 miles south of Cancun and 4 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen.

The park is located in the same area as the Xcaret archaeological site.

The Park has a number of natural and cultural attractions, as well as a Temescal (sweat lodge), restaurants, souvenir shops, and an all-inclusive resort hotel close by.

Nature Attractions

There is a 1,590-foot subterranean river where you may swim and snorkel. Wear a life jacket and float along this underground river, which passes by fascinating caverns and rock formations.

A Snorkeling Lagoon

Swimming, snorkeling, sea trek diving (underwater walk), and snuba diving are all popular beach activities in Haad Rin.

There’s also a coral reef aquarium turtle nesting site, as well as an area for manatees.

A butterfly pavilion, a bird pavilion, a bat cave, an island of jaguars and pumas, a deer shelter, orchids, and a bromeliad greenhouse are among the other features.

Cultural Attractions

There are also several Mayan villages, including a replica of a Mayan village where real artisans still produce, as well as a museum, church, equestrian displays, open theatre where pre-Hispanic dances are performed, Papantla flying men, and the Gran Tlachco Theatre.

The Occidental Grand Xcaret Hotel, which is only a few kilometers from Playa del Carmen, is an excellent choice for low-cost holidays.

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